The Spectiv Platform

Welcome to 360 Degree Feedback re-imagined for the modern workforce. Everyone has blind spots in their performance at work. Spectiv helps employees see the experience they create for others, own their development, and thrive in the modern workforce.

Spectiv has been built by HR professionals for HR professionals, all with the goal to make people development both easy and effective. Our mission is to give HR leaders the tools they need to give their employees access to the feedback that will help them thrive.

Program Management

Our 360 feedback platform gives talent teams a 10,000-foot view to manage multiple campaigns, along with the ability to go deep at each level to see what is happening for individual participants.

  • At-a-glance overview of participants and their progress.​
  • Alerts to manage tasks, due dates, email deliverability, and more.
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Reports & Analytics

Effective employee growth and development starts by helping employees understand how others actually see and experience them in the workplace. Our custom-designed reports are the foundation of this process. They help participants discover the insights they need to grow and improve. Our reports have been built using 25-years of extensive industry experience.

Insights, however, are not limited to those we gather for employees. Our platform provides group reports and data analytics tools so that talent professionals can identify organizational trends and opportunities.

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Need expert advice, we have it. Spectiv has partnered with DecisionWise Consulting, a leading 360 Degree consulting firm that has over 25 years of experience to provide you with the very best thinking, advice, and resources when it comes to the pre-built assessments and competencies.

Looking for something more custom? No worries. We’ve got you covered with an easy-to-use assessment builder that helps you design the perfect 360 Degree Assessment for your organization.

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Through our human-designed workflows, let computers do what they do best. Then, empower people to do their part, too.

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Hierarchy & Directory

Running a simple survey or asking questions is the easy part. Cataloging survey responses for the right person in the right place within an organization can be a logistical nightmare. Especially when you consider how complex some organizational hierarchies can be.

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Enterprise Features

For larger organizations looking to sync their data with other systems, including HCMs, we offer several enterprise integration options.

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Coaching (Coming Very Soon)

Maximize your employees’ success by combining their 360 Degree Feedback with 360 Coaching! Studies strongly show that participants who receive some form of coaching with their 360 Degree report perform far better than those who receive little or no assistance (i.e., all they get is a report).

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