Need expert advice, we have it. Spectiv has partnered with DecisionWise Consulting, a leading 360 Degree consulting firm that has over 25 years of experience to provide you with the very best thinking, advice, and resources when it comes to pre-built assessments and competencies.

Looking for something more custom? No worries. We’ve got you covered with an easy-to-use assessment builder that helps you design the perfect 360 Degree Assessment for your organization.

Leadership Intelligence® Pre-Built Assessments

  • Spectiv includes a license to DecisionWise’s library of standard, proven assessments.​
  • DecisionWise has spent years researching and perfecting this suite of assessments.​
  • These templates means you will have access to decades of data and survey responses, which include benchmarks, trends, and other normative data to help participants see where they measure against others.

Competencies built by Experts

  • To help you customize your assessments and align them to the needs of your organization, Spectiv offers access to a comprehensive competency library where you have access to pre-built competencies (the DecisionWise Core80™).
  • You may also add and curate your own custom competencies within this library.

Custom Assessments

Need something other than our standardized templates, build your own assessments within the Spectiv platform.

  • Spectiv comes with a license to DecisionWise’s Core80™, which is a competency library of over 80 competencies and associated behaviors.
    Building your own assessments is intuitive and flexible.
  • Create templates and store them for future use.

Prescriptive Recommendations

  • Spectiv allows you to curate and populate prescriptive recommendations in an Rx library that can be associated with each competency or individual behavior.
  • Your Rx library means employees can not only understand where they might need help but also immediately have access to tips and ideas that will help them take action to improve.
  • Your Rx library is curated by you to ensure it reflects the recommendations and ideas most important to your organization.