360 Degree Feedback Resources

A collection of resources designed specially for using 360 Degree Feedback in your organization.


12 Ways to Use 360 Feedback to Improve Your Organization

360 Degree Feedback has been around for a long time. Capturing and combining the perceptions of others to help an individual build self-awareness is a time-tested approach, and one that many HR professionals and business leaders have experienced for themselves… [Read More]

When Giving Employee Feedback, Make the Employee Part of the Solution Instead of the Problem

Most leaders and managers will tell you that how you say something is often more important than the underlying message itself. This is particularly true when it comes to providing feedback in the workplace. A humorous proverb illustrates my point particularly well. A Franciscan and a Jesuit were friends… [Read More]

10 Tips for Conducting 360 Degree Feedback Performance Reviews

There is a good deal of controversy today around whether 360 Degree Feedback performance reviews are appropriate or whether 360 Degree Feedback should be used strictly for development. We’ve followed this debate for over two decades, conducting extensive research with over 10,000 360-degree assessments. We now have a clear answer to the question, “should we use 360 Degree Feedback for assessing performance?” There are actually two answers: “maybe,” and “it depends.”… [Read More]

5 Reasons to Customize Your 360 Degree Feedback Assessment

Using a customized 360 Degree assessment allows organizations to tailor leadership competencies and behaviors to create a more relevant and actionable survey tool. But customizing a 360 assessment takes time, expertise, and usually expense. Here are five reasons when customizing a 360-degree feedback survey makes the most sense… [Read More]

Why 360-Degree Feedback is Important for Senior Leaders

As leaders rise through the ranks of their organizations, they tend to receive less feedback about themselves and their performance. This tendency is attributable to the dynamic where colleagues are afraid of displeasing those in leadership positions above them. Therefore, they give less than frank feedback on a leader’s performance, and the feedback they do provide tends to be shallow and superficial… [Read More]

360 Coaching for Maximum Success

At Spectiv, we exist to help employees improve one of their most important leadership attributes: self-awareness. The power of 360 Degree Feedback lies in the fact that it helps employees gain valuable self-awareness through a managed, structured process. While we have designed our platform to maximize a participant’s ability to get the most out of the process, there are limitations as to what an employee can absorb. Therefore, we recommend incorporating 360 Coaching as a companion service to our platform offerings… [Read More]

Using 360 Degree Feedback in Performance Reviews

Employees deserve to know both how they are succeeding and where they need help and improvement. In addition, employees should be measured primarily against themselves and not just against others. We like to think of effective performance reviews as a major steppingstone towards employee growth. The key is whether the performance evaluation process is effective and fulfilling. Sadly, in many organizations a performance evaluation is something to be endured and, ultimately, ignored... [Read More]