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Leading organizations use Spectiv:

Spectiv’s 360 Degree Feedback platform has been built by experienced HR professionals

Spectiv helps HR leaders manage the logistics of a complex 360 Degree Feedback program. It also solves a core problem associated with remote workforces: how do we give feedback when we aren’t working side-by-side? Spectiv’s platform captures feedback from everyone around the participant to ensure they get an accurate view of where they are succeeding and where they may need help. It also manages the realities of the modern workplace by creating an online feedback collection system that works anywhere your people are.

Help your people grow and develop by giving them a proven tool to build self awareness!

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Built to Help People Grow and Develop

Our Methodology Explained

At Spectiv, we exist to help business leaders and employees improve and grow through the effective use of 360 Degree Feedback. Everyone has blind spots in their performance at work. 360 Degree Feedback is an employee development program or tool that provides a safe and effective mechanism for a person to receive candid, confidential feedback from peers, supervisors, subordinates, and other individuals with relationships key to the person’s success. Our platform helps leaders and employees see the experience they create for others, understand what’s next in their professional development, and then take action to thrive in the modern workforce. Spectiv’s approach is based on our ListenUnderstandAct framework.

We also know that many HR leaders are overwhelmed and understaffed. We have built Spectiv’s platform to help HR leaders do more with less effort. From our thoughtful design to our automated workflow options, we have looked for every way we can ease an HR leader’s administrative burden. We’ve built the world’s best platform for capturing and clarifying 360 feedback.

HR leaders love us because:

  • Spectiv does the hard part for HR by automating workflows and providing easy-to-use administration tools.
  • We provide access to proven, best-in-class assessments and leadership competencies.
  • We include coaching tools to make scheduling and tracking the progress of 360 participants easy.
  • Spectiv puts HR in control, with options to customize email messages, configure reports, and build your own assessments.
  • We help HR get the most out of a 360 program by including robust tools to analyze aggregate organizational data.

Employees love us because:

  • Spectiv provides easy-to-read reports that help participants understand their feedback.
  • They get access to insights and recommendations that help drive meaningful change.
  • We send helpful reminders to keep the process on track.
  • Spectiv makes choosing raters and collecting feedback easy.
  • We support development with access to 360 coaches who can help participants process and act on the feedback they’ve been given.
  • Scheduling time with a coach is easy using Spectiv’s calendaring tools.

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